Now Spot Can Join You At Tea-time Too!

When sitting at a cafe, you would not expect homemade low-fat dog food on the menu. This is not unusual to find at Deco’s Dog Cafe in Japan. Not only do they allow dogs at this cafe but they also cater to dogs, “literally”. Deco’s Dog Cafe‘s owner had always enjoyed sharing her human-food meals with her pet dog. Although to her devastation, her pet had passed away at an early age. This lead to her to study nutrition for dogs and Deco’s Dog Cafe had been born.

That tasted good but was it for humans?

On her menu for dogs, she focuses on the vitamins and minerals that dogs would need. It has been said that they appear so similar to the menu items for humans that many guests have actually eaten off the dog menu by mistake. But they still enjoyed it! Deco’s menu offers a range of delights, from rolled chicken with vegetables and cheese to sweet potato scones. Her customers vary all the way from Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards. Also available at the cafe are classes for making dog sweets, dog etiquette and dog massage.


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Dog-Crazed Japan

Just when you thought the dogs in Beverly Hills have the good life, take a look at our furry friends in Tokyo.

“Dogs now outnumber children aged 10 and under in Japan — there were 13.1 million dogs in 2006 — making it a prime market for anything canine. Owners hold dog parties in dog cafes, dress their pets in silk and cashmere, take them to hot springs and spas offering massages and aromatherapy” —

Where else can you find an oxygen bar for your dog or watch a dog fashion show? There are even “dog” cafes in Tokyo that have a “dog friendly” menu so your pet can enjoy tea time with you too. Even if you don’t actually “own” a dog can own one for a day (or night) with Japan’s dog rental services.

An oxygen “pick-me-up” for tired dogs.

Dog Oxygen Bar

Dog Oxygen Bar

This has become one of Tokyo’s latest trends, an oxygen bar for your canine friend. Airpress is just one of these companies all over Japan offering an extra pick-me-up for dogs. In Tokyo, home space is limited and dog walks are only occasional. This drove the reasoning behind why oxygen bars should be beneficial to pets. Because of this lifestyle it’s difficult for dogs to stay in good shape without extra health support. How it works is that there is a cylinder where your dog is placed into and oxygen is pumped into it. It costs about 2,100 yen ($18) for a 30 minute oxygen treatment.

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If only all dogs were like BOLT!

Disney/Pixar's Bolt

Disney/Pixar's Bolt

Last Friday was the release date for Disney/Pixar’s newest 3D animated film, Bolt. Bolt is the star of a hit TV show about a super-dog who’s life is filled full of adventure and danger. Although to Bolt, even when the cameras are not rolling, he continues to believe that it is all reality. He does not realize his superpowers only exist in his TV character’s persona. His adventure truly begins when he is accidentally shipped off from Hollywood to New York City. On his way back to Hollywood to reunite with his owner, Penny, he is later joined by an abandoned house cat named, Mittens and a hamster who turns out to be his #1 fan, Rhino. Together they discover that you do not need super powers to be a hero. John Travolta is the voice of Bolt and Miley Cyrus is the voice of Penny.

Visit the Bolt official movie website.

A fun-filled movie!

I watched this movie on the Saturday after it was released. I thought the movie was very fun and heartwarming. It’s definitely a movie to watch with the family. Bolt is awesome, Mittens is very cool and Rhino is just plain hilarious. After watching this movie it makes me wish what it would be like if my dog, Keiko was altered to have superpowers like Bolt. It would be totally awesome if Keiko had laser eyes and “Super bark!”

If only my dog were Bolt!

If Keiko was Bolt...

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A New Furry Member of the Family

How to find the right dog for you.

Kid and Dog
Adopting a dog can be an exciting process for your family but it’s also a decision that comes with major responsibility. Many adopt a pet without doing their research before-hand.  They do not realize that although there is the fun, lovable aspect of owning one, taking care of a pet comes with a lot of hard work.

Are you ready for the commitment?

There are many things to put into consideration before you adopt a dog. Look at your current lifestyle and consider if you are able to make the commitment and what adjustments you are able to make. If you have kids or other pets, look at their needs as well. Looking at all these factors will help you determine the ideal size, energy level, and age of the dog that would be ideal for your family to adopt.

Puppy vs. Adult

Puppies are cute and they can grow with you and your family. However, puppies will require a lot of time and patience from you. They will need to be trained and will need to have more time spent looked after. Adults have less “puppy” issues such as potty training and teething. According to the Sacramento SPCA, adults have longer attention spans making them easier to train. Generally, adults are more predictable because you already know their full size, health and true personality.

Research, Research, Research

The most important thing to remember when thinking about adopting a puppy or dog is that the entire process requires research. Whether it is researching your own lifestyle, dog breed, shelter or breeder, your preparation shows the commitment you are willing to put into your new dog or puppy.  With great research and commitment, you will be rewarded with unconditional love and affection from the new furry member of your family.

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Pampered Pooches Part II

Luxurious Pet Beds

Although clothing seems to be the number one most common “luxury” product pet owners seem to be buying for their pets these days, I would have to say “luxury” pet beds is on that list as well.

The concept behind why dog beds were created is understandable in my opinion for even we as people feel it’s more comfortable to sleep on a bed rather than the floor. Although there have been products I have found online which shows that some businesses have taken this concept and added extras to create “luxury” beds for dogs.

Dog Hotel Bed

The Five Star Bed for your Dog
Now your dog can love the bedding of a 5 star resort as much as you do with the Hotel Dog Collection from Paw Palace Online. According to their website, this bed comes complete with high quality washable cotton blend crisp linens, duvet, down comforter, bolster, and mattress pillow.

Let Your Dog Sleep in Elegance
Now your dog can sleep in elegance with a forged iron canopy bed avaliable at Blingbling Personally, I believe this kind of bed may be bought for more decorative reasons rather than for functional reasons. Nevertheless, dogs who have owners who bought this bed will seem like princes and princesses in their homes.

A Warm Treat for your Dog
For those cold winter nights, your dog can keep warm with heated dog beds. Personally, I feel that this type of bed is actually not a bad idea as it is for the benefit of the dog and not just to look pretty. Warmth can create a comfortable atmosphere for your dog and as well help soothe joint pain and muscle pain which is especially important to active and older dogs. There are many sites which sell these kinds of beds including Poochie

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Pampered Pooches Part I

While just randomly surfing the internet I came across many interesting (and at times funny) products that a dog owner can buy to spoil their pet. I am finding that these days owners may be willing to spend over hundreds of dollars (even sometimes thousands) to purchase things to pamper their furry friends.

Designer Brand Clothing

It seems to be more common these days to find designer clothing on sale for dogs. Juicy Couture is just one of these brand names that you can buy not only for yourself but for your dog too. Now you AND your dog can sport a pink Juicy Couture velour hoodie on your walks down to the dog park.

Juicy Couture for Dogs

Juicy Couture for Dogs

The pink crown velour hoodie, pink velour tracksuit and other Juicy Couture items for your dog can be found on the Juicy Couture website. They can also be found at this website along with many other designer brands to dress your dog in at Pampered

One thing I do stress though is to remember that your dog is a living creature and NOT an accessory.  As cute as the outfit may be, please do not force your dog in any way to wear clothing unless he likes to be dressed up.

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Dogs Need to Relax Too!

Like us humans, dogs become stressed causing them to tense up and be unhappy. If you’ve ever had a massage, you can agree that it relieves some tension in our muscles and just plain feels good! Giving your dog a gentle, light massage at home can not only make your dog feel good, but also it helps in increasing circulation and in aiding their nervous system. Although, you should leave the deep massages in the hands of trained and certified professionals.

Depending on the type and size of dog you have, can determine the kind of massage you give him. This is just one of the ways that can help your dog feel comfortable and relaxed.

Start by having your dog lying down, though this can be done sitting or crouching if your dog is small enough to be on your lap.

  • Stroke your dog from head to tail softly and slowly
  • Then scratch behind his ears gently and as he begins to relax, move to his cheeks, underneath the chin, over the nose, between the eyes and then over his head
  • Working from base to tip, rub each ear several times inbetween your forefinger and thumb.
  • Move over the neck, shoulders and chest slowly in small circular patterns using 3 fingers.
  • Go down the length of each foreleg, squeezing lightly
  • Using 3 fingers again, softly rub opposite directions several times
  • Place your index finger and thumb on each side of his spine and walk them down toward the base of his tail and then on each thigh
  • Do several slow and soft strokes from head to tail to finish off
  • If your dog is comfortable with you handling his feet, you can use your forefinger and thumb to give each foot a few gentle squeezes

Remember to keep it light and gentle.  You will find after giving your dog a home massage he will be very relaxed and it is also a good way to develop your relationship with your furry best friend!

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